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Rural Development
Determining factor for rural development of the territory is a constructive exchange of information of the actors. The Sesamo Software has developed a platform with supporting tools, such as forums and questionnaires The Multifunctional Platform. The platform aims to create a virtual place ...
Organismi Associativi
The Sesamo Software has developed a tool for national associative organizations, which aims to support all the activities: users database, managing subscriptions, communications, tiles. Management Associates. The platform for the administration of the national associations is a tool ...
The development of the agri-food world also involves the computerization of processes that characterize it. The Sesamo Software, with its platform, provides an appropriate and effective tool for innovation. Traceability of agri-food chain. In recent years, major changes have affected the ...
Deleghe Pensionistiche
Work in Progress
Prestazioni Economiche
Leader Indennità di disoccupazione e solidarietà. The platform manages the following types of benefits: - DSA (Disoccupazione Agricola) - CIG (Cassa Integrazione Ordinaria, in Deroga e Straordinaria) - Aspi e MiniAspi (Assicurazione Sociale per l'impiego) - NAspi (Nuova assicurazione sociale ...
Work in Progress
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