The Sesamo Software has developed a tool for national associative organizations, which aims to support all the activities: users database, managing subscriptions, communications, tiles.

Management Associates.

The platform for the administration of the national associations is a tool designed and developed specially for large really, but with the possibility to meet every need.

The tool provides the ability to manage the entire database, which can also be composed of additional information pesonalizzate. A fast search engine can find each associated tab and check their status, information, fees paid and so on.

Fast Communications

the comunication between users made via the website or with the use of personal mailing.

Payments Membership Fees

Payments of the membership fees bengono managed by MAV flow, Credit Card and Paypal.

Registration of membership fees is easy and intuitive, as well as control: for each payment you can check, date, price, type and any discounts offered.


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