The development of the agri-food world also involves the computerization of processes that characterize it. The Sesamo Software, with its platform, provides an appropriate and effective tool for innovation.

Traceability of agri-food chain.

In recent years, major changes have affected the agri-food sector.

The evolution has been implemented with the introduction and development of innovative information technologies and new forms of organization of the different supply chains of food products.

The Sesamo Software has developed a type of platform that responds to the new needs in the field of agri-food chains management.

Simple interface

The platform is a simple tool to be used by all users, from the producer of the raw materials up to the seller.

The technological choices have been made with the aim of creating a prototype application - services+portal - the web 2.0 technology, capable of ensuring access to services through the native use of popular browsers and compliant HTML5 standard.

Innovative Solutions


The software architecture is designed according to the SaaS model (Software as a Service), ie as a set of tools, services and expertise that enables organizations to completely outsource certain aspects of their information system (messaging, security, etc.) and replace it with a cost of operation rather than with a true investment and precisely.


Multi-language mode, reporting and data export.

The development of services related to the portal and application has been made with predisposition to multilingual mode.

The standard and configurable report can be managed in configurable HTML or PDF mode, with bar code management. The exportability of elaboration of statistics are made to XML, Word, Excel and PDF.

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