"no place" where things talk to each other

and daily experience becomes easier

The construction of this world become the best expression of our know-how.

The Sesame Software with working experience in the scope of ICT, brings together their knowledge in the internet of things. 
Where he can give to new ideas and solutions to things a new way to use them.

Is the expression that defines, for some years, the interconnection system between devices and machines connected to the Internet: air conditioning systems, light bulbs, fitness sensors, radio, but also appliances, cameras, cars, furniture components, containers for the transport.
This is just a small list of all the objects of everyday use, equipped with electronic devices with software that allows the exchange of data between them.
The objects, connected in this way, are intended to make life easier and provide information that before this we couldn't have, and automate some processes that otherwise would be undertaken at hand.
For example, we can have intelligent traffic lights and road signs that communicate with our car, so as to improve our driving experience and reduce traffic drive, reduce pollution and travel timing.
The clothes can be equipped with tags that transmit information to the customer or the retailer. Information can be the identification code, or the available sizes of the clothes, the materials from which it is composed or special promotions.